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The sky’s the limit for new cloud based real estate agency

Experience. Innovation. Sustainability. Outstanding service. These are the foundations of brand new real estate agency Smartchoice Realty. Founded in March by well known Fremantle realtor Frank Sander, Smartchoice offers people a new approach to buying or selling property.

Smartchoice is totally web based with no hardware needed as all applications are operated in the cloud – an internet based computing system offering the latest in software, communication, servers, storage and security.

This new system is at the forefront of technology, giving agents total flexibility to operate their business where and whenever they want.

“I like to be in control of my business at all times, whether I am on the road, or at home. It allows me to serve my clients at any time convenient to them. I could not find an agency that could offer a similar system, so decided to create it myself. I now only need a touch pad to operate the whole company and all staff and associates can operate from wherever they want thanks to Google
business, RP Data and My Desktop,” explained Frank.

Joining Frank in his new endeavour is partner Chadia Schell, who will be looking after property management. Smartchoice was born out of their shared desire to simplify the real estate process and in doing so, provide a much more efficient and sustainable practice. As a successful sales agent for more than 12 years, Frank was surprised about the waste of resources most offices produce.

“Smartchoice was born out of a desire to simplify the real estate process and in doing so, provide a much more efficient and sustainable practice.”

“We decided to go green and reduce our carbon footprint by minimising the use of paper and printing materials as much as possible. When marketing your home, we would rather recommend the use of a cleverly made movie to promote the property worldwide on the net than printing a lot of glossy brochures or magazines that end up as landfill shortly after the sale because they can’t be recycled. So we went for the best internet exposure on offer for our clients, including listing their homes globally on all major property websites around the world,” Frank continued.

This new system seems to be working well. In the first month of operation, Smartchoice has sold two homes and leased another two, all within a week of going to market and with very little marketing cost to vendors.

“Our low operational costs are of huge benefit to our clients,” said Frank.

In addition to this, Smartchoice plans to adopt the Bavarian ‘Mittelstand’ business model for the future security of the company. Mittelstand companies are highly successful and efficient, operating under a business model with a specific focus to do one thing very well.

They’re built on a foundation of innovation, quality and best practice methods, with a view to steady, long term growth. “It’s a process I’m very passionate about,” beamed Frank.

With a head in the cloud and both feet firmly on the ground, Smartchoice Realty is the smart choice in real estate matters.

Source: Herald